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India International Center for Corporate Governance is a forum setup with the mission of promoting good Corporate Governance in India.

The new Company law empowers the Government of India to make it mandatory for an unlisted Public company to reserve at least 33% representation for independent directors. The Public Enterprises Selection Board is directed to prepare a list of persons eligible to be appointed as independent directors. However, at present there is no statutory or any other regulatory body certifying the qualifications and standards of directors to be appointed on Boards.

Apart from this, there is a need for independent directors in listed companies as per the provisions of Clause 14 of the listing agreement and other provisions of the Companies Act. Therefore the need for trained professional directors is emerging as a necessity in the Indian scenario.

We have therefore put together a team of committed professional, policy makers and Corporate Governance professionals to study and review Corporate Governance policies in India and to provide positive input for the cause of good Corporate Governance in India and Corporate discipline in India and globally.

We are an organisation that is
•    Dedicated for the purpose of research in corporate governance, corporate law, corporate regulation, corporate trends, and corporate policy formulation.
•    Endeavours to study the policies and regulations of corporate market regulators including Securities and Exchange board of India and Securities and Exchange Commission of United States of America and other global and regional corporate regulators.
•    Conducts in-depth study and research in the various enactments, judicial pronouncements (including that of the Securities Appellate Tribunal) and regulations pertaining to Share holder rights, company listing, listing agreements, terms and conditions of listing and other concepts on corporate governance.

We also, as part of our aim to promote awareness and knowledge of shareholder rights to the Indian investors, have an knowledge initiative with the help of eminent academicians, governance professionals, industry stalwarts etc. We publish books, newsletters etc. to educate and organise seminars, workshops and researches to bring together aspiring corporate governance executives.


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