India International Center for Corporate Governance

Projects and initiatives

  • India International Centre for Corporate Governance conducts research on various guidelines and regulations of SEBI.
  • The center conducts regular research and studies for the development of Corporate Governance best practices in collaboration with research bodies globally.
  • IICCG has published a ‘Model Code on Corporate Governance and a model rules for Corporate Best Practices’.
  • IICCG has studied the contributions of American Arbitration Association, London Court of Arbitration, Singapore Arbitration Center and Arbitration Center of the International Chamber of Commerce in the settlement and resolution of International Corporate and Commercial Disputes and based on the report, the center has established India International Arbitration Center (IIAC) in order to promote India as an International Arbitration hub.
  • The research team at the IICCG has finalized a ‘Manual on International Trade Treaties as applicable to India’ which will be published soon.
  • IICCG conducts seminars and lectures regarding investment laws and regulations applicable to Non Resident Indians. The seminar series continues in 2016.


Legal Compliance Audit

India International Center for Corporate Governance has introduced a mechanism called Legal Compliance Audit, suitable for the companies registered under the Indian Companies Act to ensure that they are complying with the mandates of law and thereby increasing investor confidence.

International Arbitrations

IICCG in association with India International Arbitration Center (IIAC) is conducting International Arbitration services in accordance with UNCITRAL rules. IICCG also arranges venue for the conduct of International Arbitration proceedings and also acts as a facilitator for major International Arbitrations. All support services in connection with the conduct of International Arbitrations are available with IICCG. IICCG has empaneled experienced International and Domestic Arbitrators.


IICCG conducts seminars, knowledge workshops etc. on the following

  • Corporate Governance practice
  • International and Domestic Arbitrations
  • International Mediation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


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