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Multi-Brand Retail: Has India fallen off global players’ radar?

NEW DELHI: At the ongoing World Retail Congress in Paris, global heads of retail chains were literally mum on India. While Mexico and the Philippines were being touted as the next big markets for commencing retail ventures, India’s policies regarding sourcing and investments have put a question…

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A slew of break-ups in the retail space

MUMBAI: It is the season of break-ups in the Indian retail space. In the last two months, three joint venture partners have decided to part ways in the market pegged at $520 billion.

The reasons range from regulatory issues to alleged misconduct by one partner. But…

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How NSEL shunned corporate governance?

The NSEL corporate governance system failed to address the issue of conflict of interest. The son-in-law of the chairperson of NSEL is the promoter of NK Proteins, a company that owes Rs 920 crore to investors.

The NSEL case presents an example of bad strategy and poor corporate governance.

It is…

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Rajesh Tandon: Companies as citizens

There is now a growing social and political acceptance of private sector contributions to India’s development. However, many recent big-ticket corruption scandals have brought into public glare the growing menace of crony capitalism. In addition, large-scale protests by tribal and other rural communities against displacement from their land, habitat…

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Shriram Subramanian: Is Infosys losing its corporate governance sheen?

Key-man risk, nepotism, lack of leadership were terms that wouldn’t be associated with Infosys in the past

If all Indian companies were subject to the level of scrutiny that Infosys undergoes by media and analysts, the Indian corporate governance landscape would be much more rosy. Media and analysts do not…

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