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2012 Global Responsibility Report

One way the world’s largest retailer is marking its 50th anniversary this year is by putting forth its vision for building a sustainable future. And, not surprisingly, it is an ambitious one. The Walmart 2012 Global Responsibility Report (GRR) spans more than 100 pages as it documents the company’s steps toward becoming a more responsible company and realizing meaningful, long-term change.

Walmart is one of corporate America’s most passionate voices for sustainability, and the report is filled with myriad timely examples about its economic, environmental and social impacts and initiatives. The design of both the print and interactive versions of the report helps to format big, complex issues into approachable and easily digested reading.

The publication of the 2012 GRR also marked the first year in which Walmart formally utilized the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. As certified GRI reporters, we were pleased to provide GRI consulting to the Walmart team, in addition to helping them with the editorial organizat

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